Industry: Apparel

Total Positions: 1

Job Type: Full Time/Permanent

Gender: No Preference

Salary:Rs. 45000 - Rs.60000 (Monthly)

Education: Bachelor's in Management Studies (BMS)

Experience: 5-10 Years

Location: Bengaluru, India

Posted Date: 29-04-2023


  • A Production Manager at Finesse Inc is a professional who oversees the production process and coordinates all activities to ensure enough resources on hand.  
  • They plan workers' schedules and ensure workflow meets required deadlines. 
  •   A production manager also should make sure production runs smoothly. 
  • The job involves planning, coordinating and controlling the manufacturing processes.
  • A large part of the job involves dealing with people and using management techniques in a team.  
  1. Overseeing the production process.
  2. Ensuring production is cost effective.
  3. Drawing up a production schedule.
  4. Making sure that products are produced on time and are of good quality
  5. Planning and organizing production schedules.
  6. Training tailors and production supervisors.
  7. Explaining design details and requirements of the clients to masters,cutters,tailors and hand finishers.
  8. Follow specification sheets and layering sheets.
  9. Attaching all documents and checking sheet pattern before issuing to production.
  10. Making specification sheets of all custom development.
  11. Manage overall gown production.
  12. Drafting a timescale for the job.
  13. Estimating costs and setting the quality standards.
  14. Answerable to all the clients and taking responsibilities.
  15. Monitoring the production processes and adjusting schedules as needed.
  16. Monitoring product standards and implementing quality-control programmes.
  17. Working with managers to implement the company’s policies and goals.
  18. Supervising and motivating a team of workers.
  19. Reviewing the performance of subordinates.
  20. Identifying training needs.
  1. Making sure the product is shipped as per client’s requirements and specification.
  2. QC perfection
  3. Specification sheet should be followed periodically.
  4. Finishing work as per international standards.
  1. Attention to details and quality
  2. Advance communication skills
  3. Organized and highly  focus
  4. Self driven with the desire to lead the team.
  5. Good visualization skills.
  6. Knowledge on excel, spreadsheet, word and ERP software.
  7. Knowledge on Adobe illustrator.
  8. Must be able to multitask.
  9. Be able to manage time and people.
  10. Be willing to adapt and collaborate.
  11. Have project management experience.
  12. Be able to prepare reports and plan.
  13. Be decisive and committed.
  14. Able to work under pressure.
  15. Good at managing budgets.
  16. Have good communication and presentation skills.
  17. Have a positive attitude to work and be able to motivate a team.
  •    Bachelors - Fashion Designing ( 3year course )
  •   3+ years experience in production handling. 
  •  3+ years experience in luxury wedding gowns / couture.